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An Informal School is a form of alternative schooling which happens in a different set of conditions which arise out of specific requirements to do so.

Our Informal School by the name of Before - School, is an initiative founded an NPO and executed by us.

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At school we believe in training the students of grades I to XII by transferring subject-skills, support-skills, personality skills etc. by identifying the uniqueness in the learners then aligning them accordingly as deemed fit. 

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We firmly believe that all forms of assessments should be followed by a constructive feedback using the tools of preparation & performance inter alia leading to evaluation. For us the best evaluation starts from the learners and ends on the one done by our system.

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Our school professes all those form of assessments which help the learners develop skills holistically. Dynamic Assessments which are formative, subjective, generative etc help our learners to grow personally & professionally.

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Our Before - School has a unique ideology of certifying every skill in every module of ours. This method helps the learners to not only develop the capacity, capability and competency of preparing well & performing much better but also improve and make it credible over a period of time.

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