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Our initiative on Informal education, a Before - School, which occurs outside a traditional school-based learning system and it envisages to break the ICE.


It Intends to bring productivity, accuracy, efficiency and precision through its objective, vision and mission of providing school-education to all.

It Commits all its resources to provide primary and secondary education to all around the world through innovation and skill development.

It Executes by proving certificates to all its learners for all the training, assessments and evaluations at different levels of school-education.

Our Before - School works in conjunction with the National educational policies of the developing economies in the world to complement the ongoing efforts of all the existing stakeholders in the field of education.


Our Before - School endeavours to provide quality education to every one from any where at any stage and at any time.

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It uses technology, multi-disciplines, multi-skills, multi-languages etc. for all the learners to not only enlighten them but also to make them employable even at school.

It Intends to engage the learners around the world through the existing physical and digital infrastructure in the field of education, giving a personal touch through professionalism.

It Commits a life-long algorithm to engage the learners in skills, self-motivating them to update and upgrade themselves regularly

It Executes a never before learning experience through a transfer of different forms of skills for learners at school by not only creating love for the subject-skills but also ensuring its real life applications.

Our Before - School believes in a dynamic learning mechanism which pledges to ensure its presence in rural and semi-urban areas as well.


Our Before - School focuses primarily on the Learner, then on the stakeholders of the learner and finally on the ecosystem of Learning.

This is system of ours creates the learning dynamic in nature, which stands out in itself.

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Our Intention explores the uniqueness in this system regularly and provides a pathway, which bridges the gap between the preparation & the performance of the Learner.

Our Commitment encourages a healthy & consistent process of transferring skills to this system. This pyramid of learning is really enlightening.

Our Execution  empowers the learners with meaningful certificates given to them after the completion of every module through a robust assessment and evaluation mechanism.

The uniqueness in our system is our process along with three pillars of Concept, Philosophy and Pedagogy, which has enabled the career destination of so many learners of ours around the world.

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An initiative which provides school-education for grades I to XII, informally, to all those learners who have been out of the schooling system.

A school which promotes that learning is a never ending process and motivates the lreal earners to update and upgrade their education at any given point of time.

A Before - School which also provides an opportunity to school-students, college-students, working professionals to become social entrepreneurs.

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An initiative which provides access to school-lessons for grades I to XII, informally, to all those learners who are interested in completing their lessons / topics even before they are done at their formal school.

A school which promotes preparation for the topics / lessons of a particular grade in up to 12 months in advance. It gives a head start to learners who are preparation sensitive.

A Before - School which empowers school-students of grade VI to XII to become social entrepreneurs. Earn as you Learn.

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An initiative which creates Learners' prodigy in school-education for grades I to XII, informally, to all those learners who desire to save 6 to 42 months in completing school-education.

Complete Grade I-II in 1 yrs, Grade III-V in 2 yrs, Grade VI-VIII in 2 yrs, Grade IX-X in 1.5 yrs, Grade IX-X in 1.5 yrs, Grade I-V in 3 yrs, Grade I-VIII in 5 yrs, Grade I-X in 6.5 yrs, Grade I-XII in 8 yrs.

A Before - School which empowers school-students to become social entrepreneurs for life-time.

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