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Civic skills can be described as the skills relating to or of a citizen, city, or citizenship. These include the skills required to participate as a responsible citizen (Learning To Give / Take the responsibility of  / be amenable to etc.).

In order for citizens to be capable of fully engaging in civic and political life, they must possess a minimum of civic skills. Civic skills include personal communication skills, knowledge of political systems, and the ability to critically think about civic and political life.

Civic skills provide the foundation for responsible and community-minded citizens, and reinforce our system of democracy. Those who possess and maximize the skills feel a link to their communities and to the well-being of other citizens.


As a part of our vision and mission, we believe in an altruistic contribution to the society. For this we use our expertise and experience majority of our trainings free of cost to empower the zealous brains all over the world


A training without a destination point is useless. Our before-school quizzes assess the learner on the training experience you have had with our sessions, very crisply. These baseline assessments check the comprehension level of the learner at the very outset and are a crucial stepping stone for the next stage of learning.


A training without a progression is fruitless. Our at-school assignments take the learnings to the next level. Here the learner is assessed on the basics and the concepts built-up by the eco-system. These midline assessments enable self-sufficiency among the learners and increases their capacity of learnings


Inter-topic or Intra-topic learnings not only widens the knowledge-base but also increases the confidence of a learner. The quality of the assessments and evaluations is at its pinnacle at this stage of learning. Our after-school endline assessments help the learners to prepare and perform well in board and competitive exams.


Get certified at every level of your Learnings with us. Our certifications have mentored, monitored and motivated the learners immensely around the globe.

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