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We feel that our services when integrated with the Pedagogical exposure which a student gets during the time of coaching shall sharpen their knowledge.This association with the Coachings shall help the students in many ways 

  1. We conduct Diagnostic & End-Line assessments for the students.

  2. We also conduct online & Offline workshops for the students to hone their skills further.

  3. Group Discussion & Personal Interview Assessment Modules

  4. The students can choose to join our Learning & Assessments' module at their discretion.

  5. We also undertake online / offline outreach programs inter-city / intra-city.

Our Training & Assessments' module for Instructors

  1. Recruitment & Appraisal academic process of Assessments.

  2. Workshops and subject enhance training modules.

  3. Aptitude exam's training modules

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