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Reasoning is defined as a process of thinking that evaluates a situation in a logical manner to come to a conclusion. Reasoning ability depends on various parameters like experience, critical thinking abilities and emotions.


Fisher and Scriven (1997), for example, list reasoning, problem solving, decision making, communication, evaluation, explanation, analysis and synthesis, metacognition, and formal and informal reasoning as examples of such skills.


Reasoning is the generation or evaluation of claims in relation to their supporting arguments and evidence. The ability to reason has a fundamental impact on one's ability to learn from new information and experiences because reasoning skills determine how people comprehend, evaluate, and accept claims and arguments.

These are the seven types of reasoning.

  • Deductive reasoning.

  • Inductive reasoning.

  • Analogical reasoning.

  • Abductive reasoning.

  • Cause-and-effect reasoning.

  • Critical thinking.

  • Decompositional reasoning


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