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Why should one stop cramming for Exams/Assessments

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Cramming is a voluntary action which can be stopped consciously. Once espoused it becomes an incurable disease or a malignant growth which cannot be removed.Mugging or cramming discomforts us more than the thought that it comforts us.This default in the thinking process itself needs to be addressed fundamentally.On the contrary understanding the basics,concepts and the application of the basics and the concepts reduces the anxiety of forgetting the assumed important things and in turn effaces the germination of cramming things or rote by rote learning. In addition to this it also creates an imbalance between EQ & IQ of an individual.The stress factor associated with the happening of any event is directly proportional to the readiness/level of preparation for the event, so any partial readiness or impromptu performances or short cuts should not be envisaged at all.

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