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"Tutoring/Coaching" – How does it Impact the Learning of a Student . . .

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

My experience says that a student is sent to be tutored or coached only under two circumstances. First, when the student is not considered to be upto the mark and the second case, when the student is considered to be quite good. The remaining cases lies between theses two cases only. Before sending the student to be aided externally, we tend to make a common mistake and that is “ Nobody can help anyone unless the one to be helped wishes to help oneself ”. When I say this I am able to relate this with my life-experience, wherein the day I realized that my best help is “ me myself” , everything in my life changed for better. Despite being born in a family of Erudites I struggled with Mathematics, Science and English considerably until something remarkable happened which changed my entire perspective towards my studies. This change had taken place only when I realized it in the very first place and then I helped myself my seeking assistance. The point that is being made here is : Any external help or assistance comes into picture only when the individual who is to be helped is ready to help oneself in the very first place and then there should a need analysis. By this what I mean to say is , what kind of a help is needed is more relevant and important than merely provisioning an interim help seeking relief. May be the student wants to understand things fundamentally but that exposure is not being given and only inferior or superior alternatives are being suggested. These are symptoms which are most of the times misinterpreted as diseases/problems and we start looking for cures. This is the greatest mistake committed by the near and dear ones of the Learner.s In short, Tutoring / Coaching helps only when the person who is seeking it needs it else this further worsens the situation. We all know that prevention is better than cure, in other words the identification of symptoms is better than looking for a remedy for symptoms. Let us understand that a Learner gets benefited only when the Learnings are joined as links in a chain. If this proper and catenated way of learning is not followed then it is really detrimental for the process of learning for all times to come. Once this disinterest gets created in the life-cycle of a Learner then it is just like a cancerous growth engendering in the thinking of that individual. Any kind of a help, whether internal or external helps a student only when the Learning is structured and invokes interest in a Learner to take the learnings to the next level. Stagnant / Inadequate / untimely / Improper / Unstructured / Unmentored / Unmonitored / unmotivated / in sequential Learnings are of no use and yield nothing. Ultimately it is for you to understand and take a decision consciously.

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