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I have worked with Anant Arun Badhwar for almost one year. He is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in creating age appropriate assessments and assessment analysis. In order to implement his vision of education and related assessments, he makes sure to give a robust training to his team on a regular basis. His command over the language and the mathematical concepts is something that I envy. My conversations with him have always been learning moments for me. Anant is a very fine human being who believes in ethical professional practices and spends considerable time in understanding his co-workers and is ready to take lead whenever and wherever it is required. He is a compassionate and understanding leader. He is reliable and dependable person. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.

Amala Rai  || Theatre Educator & curriculum developer at Theatre Education

Anant, as the name signifies is an infinite treasure of knowledge, discipline, etiquettes and virtues. I was mentored by Anant Sir during his stay in Bareilly CL. He is a living thesaurus and his never ending research and methods in Quants can amaze even the best minds of the world! The bond that he shares with his students is not merely limited to classroom lectures, he's always there to help and advise them in all walks of life. I proudly recommend Anant Sir.

Varun Pratap Singh  || Branch Manager, Allahabad Bank

Shiksharthi is an organisation that is working in the best interest of thier students with a model that is unique and one of its kind.

As a student of Shiksharthi, I can vouch that their teaching methods, mentoring and curriculum is par excellence. The concept of giving special attention to each student and formulating a daily schedule is something that is different and quite effective in the process of learning.

My overall journey with them until now has been as smooth as it could have been, all thanks to mentor Anant sir and his team. Never have I felt any hesitation in clearing my doubts and the team has responded to all my concerns in the best possible way.
The content and the material provided is quite comprehensive and leaves no conceptual gaps. The material is designed in such a way that one can relate it to their day to day lives, making the process engaging, simple and enjoyable.

I am glad to be associated with Shiksharthi and thank them for their constant guidance and support.

Rhea Narang  || L’Oréal | MICA 2021-23 | Miranda House

To start with, I had the privilege of being mentored by Anant Sir when I joined T.I.M.E., mumbai. From day one he came across as a figure I aspire to be. Despite his vast expertise in all the areas concerning the exam, he was one of the very few faculties of mine with whom I could actually open up.

Few of the many things I loved and admired about his teaching are as mentioned below:

1. His notes are exhaustive enough that I can revisit them whenever needed and understand the nitty gritty of the topic in a glance.

2. Unlike many other institutes and faculty who emphasize on formulae (even though minimum), his main focus is always on the origin and the concept of the formula which helps me tackle a question formed from the logic of the formula and not directly from it.

3. He is a master of the block chain method of teaching i.e. intertwining various topics wherever possible. Such cross topic discussion helps solve the questions on the concerned topic with the fundamentals on some other topic. As a result of which I actually don't have to sort topics according to chapters during the exam. Which generally happens when a topic is taken independently. This inter topic thinking majorly helps in logical reasoning and data interpretation.

4. As a mentor he is the perfect person who can actually pick you up, dust you and motivate you.

5. He is truly dedicated towards education. His preparedness and availability towards any of his students reflects his zeal towards teaching.

How much ever I say seems like the tip of an iceberg. I am privileged enough to have been taught by him. The only regret I can have is not knowing him earlier.

Rajorshi Sengupta || NMIMS | Product Specialist at Loyalty Juggernaut

Shiksharthi is an organization which is run by individuals committed to and passionate about what they do. It provides the support required by students to facilitate learning, give them the confidence and develop a love for learning in them. I have worked along with Anant who demonstrates initiative, enthusiasm, diligence and dedication which are inspiring and motivating. Put your trust in him and rest assured he will deliver. I would recommend Shiksharthi to all those who want to enjoy their journey achieving their study and career goals.

Harinder Sraw  || Education & Knowledge Consultant

Anant was my MBA entrance test prep mentor in 2007-08. His pedagogical tactics, spanning across quantitative aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability and interview prep, have been more than effective owing to his unique and original approach. His one-to-one mentoring methods have been a big hit across all his protegees.

Even after I began my corporate career in 2010 after completing MBA from TAPMI, he and I have been in regular touch, an association that continues till date. Across academics, profession and life, I continue to look up to him for advice.

Anant has shaped many-a-lives with his simplistic yet pragmatic approach to problem-solving and goal-orientation. His vast wisdom and experience places him in a top league of influential leaders and coaches in India and beyond.

I consider it a privilege to have known him all these years and intend to keep in touch life-long. He is a man with a simple demeanour, carrying a legacy of achievements across life areas with much more to come. Simply put, he is unstoppable.

Amit Ahlawat  || TAPMI | Writer, Author, Researcher, Serial Number-cruncher, Social Reformer

Shiksharthi is an amazing platform for true learners. The mentor - Anant is a super scholar and possesses in depth knowledge of the taught concepts. He makes learning a fun for all the students. Even the most difficult concepts in Maths and Science are made easy to understand. His total grip on designing the assessments is something that I truly admire. Through assessments, he actually focuses on learning.
I have worked with him for one year and our conversations and academic encounters have been inspiring and great learnings. Anant is the master of his subject.
I strongly recommend Shiksharthi to everyone who aspire to be a life long learner and excel in life.

Amala Rai  || Theatre Educator & curriculum developer at Theatre Education

Anant Sir mentored me when I joined T.I.M.E classes for CAT. His method of teaching is brilliant wherein he first makes you understand the logic behind a particular concept. Learning seems difficult for students, but one has to attend Anant Sir’s sessions to understand how interesting they are, wherein he makes such difficult concepts fun to learn! His logical approach towards concepts made me understand even difficult and mind boggling concepts easily. His unique way of teaching wherein he integrates concepts from various topics, makes a student self-reliant and confident to handle even difficult questions in exams. Be it any topic of Quantitative aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning or Verbal Ability, all his sessions are insightful and fun to attend.

He never rushes to difficult sums but goes from concept based-easy-difficult problems. Also, Insights w.r.t exam point of view helped me to frame my mind on aspects like time management, question selection. I learnt that there is no shortcut to learning. One has to spend time to understand concepts and keep practicing.

Anant Sir's sessions helped me -
- To understand the basic concepts behind every topic clearly. (especially time and distance, time and work, averages, permutations and combinations, probability, ERPV, grammar topics etc.)
- To understand the theory or concept behind important formulae (e.g. geometry) helped me to remember them better instead of rote memorization.
- To clear loopholes in my understanding while approaching certain topics; this improved my weak areas.
- Notes given by Sir during classes were complete, easy to understand with ample examples to start with. No concepts were rushed or left out.

Certain important implicit concepts not given in books, which test our understanding and come in exams – Sir covered such concepts which helped me immensely during my mock exams. As a student, I am someone who doubts her abilities a lot. Self doubt was a constant reason for my low scores. His sessions helped me to gain confidence in my abilities which improved scores of my mock exams.

Kavita Yadav || Stryker | IIM Ahmedabad | Thyrocare | Anna University

Much needed initiative which completely shifts the focus from cramming Concepts superficially or rote learning to having a deeper understanding of concepts by creating love for the topics or subject. Also a thorough plan of implementation, which will not only amplify the reach fundamentally but also make the learners confident and self-reliant.

Swara Patel  || Dance Educationist & Therapist | Kinesthetic Trainer | MBA Director - Agile Kids, Rhythmus HappyFeet, Bombay Ballet Co

The distinction between a good and a great professor is that while the former is knowledgeable about his subjects and teaches that well, the latter goes beyond his subjects of concern and prepares and educates students for lessons in life. And that’s how a great professor turns into a mentor. Anant Sir, being exceptionally skilled in his area of expertise i.e. Mathematics and Verbal Ability, invariably extrapolates specific theory lessons to practical day to day applications. Always brimming with interesting anecdotes to share, he has a knack for beautifully connecting varied topics to make students see the larger picture. No matter how complex a topic is, with his approach of starting from basics, he ensures that each student makes a gradual headway in understanding and then troubleshooting the problem. What I like the most about him is not just his passion and dedication towards his work but the manner in which he embraces the art of teaching and truly makes it his own. With him in classroom, everybody is learning, including him, and it is fun- an apt, and according to me, the most conducive atmosphere to study. Also, his sense of humour ensures there’s never a dull moment in class. :)

Have found a wonderful mentor for life. :)

Tejashri Chavan || Copywriting Senior Analyst at Accenture

Shiksharthi builds original and innovative educational concepts in the audience's minds with an objective to maximize their learning benefit. Following a video-based pedagogical approach to facilitate learning for anyone and everyone over 10 years of age, Shiksharthi carries conceptual discussions from scratch right till the real life application stage. Effectively, the conceptual treatment, covering a variety of relevant topics (Mathematics, Reasoning, English Language et al), creates a powerful learning impact for the entire audience.

Anant, the Chief Mentor at Shiksharthi, dons different hats in different videos (and also at different junctures in the same video) to keep the audience interested and engaged, and let them derive maximum learning benefit out of all the videos. I keep ensuring benefit for myself by watching all the videos in a sacrosanct manner and participating in the social media discussions held by Shiksharthi from time to time, an approach I'd also recommend to every interested learner.

I whole-heartedly recommend Shiksharthi to serious learners who wish to leverage upon this unique and effective learning opportunity to the maximum. I also intend to watch all the future videos of Shiksharthi for my own benefit.

Amit Ahlawat  || TAPMI | Writer, Author, Researcher, Serial Number-cruncher, Social Reformer

i would have few words for him......Very few people have the patience to make others learn at the latter's pace and bring him / her to a faster pace by conceptual clarity, hearing their way of solving problems, accepting if right / correcting at the point were it is wrong and finally adding value by giving superior solutions with corresponding examples and quotes. All of the above, with inviting discussion to make feel others comfortable and ensuring importance to each while at the same time communicating subtly his best opinion...And finally the art of juggling between serious work and some off quotes to ensure lighter environment and stress reduction.

Youvraj Sehgal || IIM Lucknow | Sales and Distribution

Shiksharthi is an endeavour for the love of learning. It not only provides in depth knowledge of the subject, but also inculcates the inquisitiveness, insight and imbibes the desire to learn. The most experienced and dedicated faculty is a boon for any student.

Varun Pratap Singh  || Branch Manager, Allahabad Bank

I have known Anant his entire professional career and have seen him grow from an individual to a successful entrepreneur. He is one of the very few people I have met, who think, 'Even, sky is not the limit!'. He is organized, detail-oriented, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. In addition to being a master of his profession, Anant is a terrific business leader, manager, mentor, and a good human being. Anant is definitely someone who is not afraid to take risks, throw challenges and approach things differently. He is very knowledgeable, professional, responsible, helpful, and a person of great character and integrity.

Ashish Mehrotra || Telecommunications Leader | Business Head

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