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Our Sessions

We firmly believe in empowering the students by digital means. Majority of our sessions are done on real-time basis or live streamed or pre-recorded to suit the needs of the learner. The objective of all these sessions is to heighten the productivity and the efficiency of the Eco-system of learning, leading to holistic learning.



Live session on Trigonometry - IX

This session deals with the basics & concepts of trigonometric ratios among other things. The contents of this session not only makes the session interesting but also heightens the participation level of the students after the session gets over.

Live session on Trigonometry - X

This session deals with the applications of the trigonometric ratios and trigonometric identities. The contents of this session not only empowers the learning of the students but also epitomizes it.

A one-to-one session on g-meet

In this video we are presenting one of our real-time sessions with an avid learner of ours. The topic is surds and our chief mentor has implicitly brought out the skills of the Learner by making him Explore the topic by engaging him right from the fundamentals through the basics and the concepts of surds. In the interim one can see the learner getting enthusiastic by getting curious, anxious resulting in an enjoyable interaction. By the end of the session the learner seems to have been empowered with this experience.

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