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We strongly believe that the Learnings become really effective only when the Learners are able to identify the uniqueness in them. In doing so the environment around them also plays an important role.
Let us help you in identifying what has been your learning experience to date.
This identification has to be done both by the Learner and the the decision making environment around them.
Watch this video properly for us to assess and evaluate your learnings meticulously.

Our experience says that proper learnings come to learners with a proper mix of trainings, assessments, evaluations and certifications put in the correct order.
We expect you to approach the trainings in the following manner.
1) First time when you watch a training video, focus on what is being discussed by the mentor. Pay attention to what the mentor says in the session.

2) Second time when you watch this video, have a pen/pencil and a paper and stop the video when the mentor completes the discussion of the concept or the method and then discuss that concept/method with yourself by practising it and eventually understanding it to the fullest. Once you have understood the method or the concept then practise only those examples which have been discussed by the mentor in the session. Keep on progressing with the video as you keep on practising the concepts/methods/questions/examples one after the other.

3) After completing the first two steps, we feel that that you would have explored the concepts and the examples carefully  as discussed in the videos. This shall give you enough clarity and then you would want to explore your capacity. For this take some examples of your own and practise for around 30 minutes...This shall boost your confidence.

4) Finally, The Third time when you watch this video then you would feel enlightened that you know everything by now. 
You have to complete this exercise within 24 hours of having begun with step 1.
Now practise this everyday for 15 minutes, which shall make you feel empowered.

We strongly believe that the Learnings become really enjoyable only when the Learners are able to identify the uniqueness in them and then approach them in the manner suggested above. This is the stage when the learner enjoys what has been done till now and then the learner is motivated to take the learnings to the next level.

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