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Our Sessions

We firmly believe in empowering the students by digital means. Majority of our sessions are done on real-time basis or live streamed or pre-recorded to suit the needs of the learner. The objective of all these sessions is to heighten the productivity and the efficiency of the Eco-system of learning, leading to holistic learning.



Live session on Trigonometry - IX

This session deals with the basics & concepts of trigonometric ratios among other things. The contents of this session not only makes the session interesting but also heightens the participation level of the students after the session gets over.

Live session on Trigonometry - X

This session deals with the applications of the trigonometric ratios and trigonometric identities. The contents of this session not only empowers the learning of the students but also epitomizes it.

A one-to-one session on g-meet

In this video we are presenting one of our real-time sessions with an avid learner of ours. The topic is surds and our chief mentor has implicitly brought out the skills of the Learner by making him Explore the topic by engaging him right from the fundamentals through the basics and the concepts of surds. In the interim one can see the learner getting enthusiastic by getting curious, anxious resulting in an enjoyable interaction. By the end of the session the learner seems to have been empowered with this experience.

E-Learning || K-12 | After-School || Mentoring|Tutoring|Training|Assistance 4 Learners || +6 yrs old

E-Learning || K-12 | After-School || Mentoring|Tutoring|Training|Assistance 4 Learners || +6 yrs old

The phrase “After-School” is the most misunderstood phrase around the world. Most of the people relate this to coaching, which is partially correct. Our definition of an After-School is that temple of Learning which gives a holistic learning experience to its Learners by a proper learning mechanism and a learning which stays with the learner for long. The After-School concept of Shiksharthi – Education Seeker is a unique integration of Before-School Learnings, At-School Learnings & After-School Learnings. This concept of ours is time-tested and it has made the careers of umpteen Learners. We explore the uniqueness in the learners, ignite their learning ability and then enlighten their learnings to empower the learners around the globe. Our Concept empowers all zealous brains around the world through an educational initiative which is purely online. We do this with ease with our philosophy, pedagogy and a team of qualified professionals with an average experience of 16 years. Our Pedagogy uses our course, content and curriculum Our definition of a Learner is a student / teacher / parent / working professional etc. Our definition of a proper learning = Proper & adequate pieces of Training + Timely Assessments + Productive & Efficient evaluation + Certification at every level of Learning. Our Learning Mechanism stems from our concept of bridging the gap between the learners and the learnings. We believe in imparting knowledge in a progressive and catenated manner and for this we take the learners through all the three initiatives:- (i) Before-School (Shiksharthi) :- This is a unique stage, which helps the Learners to brush-up or dig the fundamentals of the topics before they are at-school. The most important part here is the schedule and the sequence of the tasks which the learners have to perform before they attend the school. Most of these tasks orient the Learners with the training before-hand ensuring productivity and efficiency in the learnings there-after. (ii) At-School ( Vidyarthi & Labharthi) :- During this stage, our Mentor – School does real-time training-sessions & Assessments with the students. This not only takes the learners to the next level but also ensures the interest and the liking that is created for the topic / subject. The Learnings include the training on the basics and the concepts followed by assignments and assessments, which are in accordance with the school exams, board exams and various scholarship exams. (iii) After-School (Shastrarthi) :- This stage is a very important one as our educators integrate the Learnings of the earlier two stages to help the Learners strategize their Learnings with the ingredients of Time Management, Question Management etc. and play their game of knowledge after getting enlightened. Check out our other Videos: 1) God of Maths: 2) How to use Between, Among, Amongst correctly: 3) How to solve Reasoning Problems Faster: 4) Number and Letter Series [Part-1]: For more updates, follow us on : Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Thanks for Watching! #shiksharthi #shiksharthieducationseeker
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