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About Us

We are bridging the gap between the Learners-Shiksharthi and the Learnings-Shiksha

An online After - School with a difference

We are more than a coaching and not less than a school.
Come and explore your true potential with us.
What do we do?

1) We help the learners ( 8 years or above) to build-up concepts in scholastic & co-scholastic subjects ( Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Social Science, Reasoning & Personality Development.) and take their learnings to the next level through our tuitions, training, assessments, evaluations & certifications.

2) The learner can choose to avail our Before-school,  At-School,  After-School online services at very affordable rates. We offer hourly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans to aid the learners.

3.) Learners form either STEM or NON-STEM backgrounds can choose to avail our services on a subject or any topic of their choice. This topic could be academic (Open E-School & After-School) or non-academic (Mentor-School).

4) The learner has variety of choices starting from bringing their own study material of any board or university from any part of the world or Choose from our Learning modules.

5.) As our contribution to the society, we offer a structured training for our before-school learners, free of cost.

6) We mentor, monitor and motivate the Learners to take their learnings to the next level and make them self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Our Story

Shiksharthi refers to a person (8 yrs. or above ) who wishes to become an avid learner.

It is a concept with a cause of communicating the real meaning ( Arth) of Learnings (Shiksha)

 to the Learners ( Shiksharthi)

Shiksharthi - Education Seeker is a concept which envisages to bridge the gap between the learnings-Shiksha and the learner-Shiksharthi at primary & secondary levels of education.


It seems to have addressed some challenges that existed since time immemorial to abridge this gap. The beauty in this concept is that it aids the learners in not only harnessing their natural ability to reason, think and refine their learnings but also emboldens them in identifying their inability by the same natural ability to empower their learnings.


This unique concept leverages its philosophy and pedagogy to make the learning inputs affordable, accessible, productive, efficient, scalable and also to make the learning outcomes simpler, equitable and self-sufficient.


It helps the Shiksharthis to realize their true potential by espousing to its core strength : Course, Curriculum & Content. S-ES is all set to unveil a holistic education experience to the learners around the globe with the first ever open e - school in the world.



Founder & Chief People's Officer

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Anant Kumar Badhwar,
Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor

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Over a period of 25 years, he has proven himself as an educator, an enterprising Leader, an innovator with a strong record of contributions in setting benchmarks and paradigms in the education space. Some of his strengths are exhibiting proactivity, streamlining operations, invigorating businesses, heightening productivity and efficiency, improving systems, processes, and procedures. 

Anant is among those elite mentors, who write various competitive exams every year and emerges victoriously.

He is a knowledgeable professional whose focus is on problem identification with an eye on solutions. Scheduling & tasking have been the important ingredients which outshine his work with a difference.

This uniqueness has made a difference in the careers of so many learners whom he has mentored, monitored and motivated.

Ekta has a unique combination of being empathetic and yet being professional at the same time. She is proficient in people management, strategic planning, financial management, student counselling and mentoring. She has worked in B2B & B2C space with prestigious organizations. She always had a vision of delivering education in a manner which creates a love for the subject or the topic than merely making students pass the exams without any proper learning behind it.


Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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He is energetic, knowledgeable and a technology-savvy person with a distinct vision, and is known as a jack of all arts among his friends.

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